The International Scientific Committee of the International Medis Awards for Medical Research 2021 has completed the evaluation of 181 scientific research contributions which met all the required criteria. It selected 19 finalists, this year coming from seven countries.

For the eighth year in a row, the contest has been rewarding the outstanding research achievements of doctors and pharmacists from Central and South-Eastern Europe. The awards ceremony will take place on 25 November 2021 at 17:00 CET, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, when the winners in individual fields will be announced.

The finalists of the International Medis Awards for Medical Research 2021 are (in alphabetical order):


  • Christoph Grander, Austria
  • André Viveiros, Austria


  • Borut Kobal, Slovenia
  • Luka Roškar, Slovenia

Intensive Care Medicine and Anesthesiology

  • Réka Nemes, Hungary
  • Marija Vukoja, Serbia


  • Katja Pavšič, Slovenia
  • Aleksandra Tomić Pešić, Serbia


  • Fanka Gilevska, North Macedonia
  • Makedonka Atanasovska Velkovska, Slovenia


  • Matej Šapina, Croatia
  • Zlatan Zvizdić, Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Maša Bošnjak, Slovenia
  • Marin Jukić, Serbia

Pulmonology and Allergology

  • Gordana Drpa, Croatia
  • Peter Kopač, Slovenia
  • Ivan Škopljanac, Croatia


  • Gorica Ristić, Serbia
  • Mateja Sirše, Slovenia

Doctors and pharmacists who have published their scientific research contributions in reputable scientific publications with an impact factor higher than 1.500 were eligible to compete for the International Medis Awards for Medical Research 2021. This year, 229 researchers from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia applied for the contest. 181 applications met all the high criteria for the position of a nominee of the International Medis Awards.

The awards ceremony will this year take place on 25 Novemberat 17:00 CET. For the selected expert public and the media, the event will be held in the Cankarjev Dom Club in Ljubljana, and the general public will be able to watch the award ceremony live online.

About the International Medis Awards for Medical Research 2021

The International Medis Awards for Medical Research is a contest for outstanding research achievements in nine countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe in nine medical fields. It is a tribute to the outstanding doctors and pharmacists who, in addition to their regular work, also conduct research. Without them, there is no innovation in medicine and pharmacy, nor effective disease management.

Submitted scientific research papers are evaluated by an independent international scientific committee, which selects nominees, finalists and winners for each field. During the 2021–2024 term of office, the committee is headed by Prof. Borut Štrukelj, MSc Pharm, PhD, from the Department of Pharmaceutical Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana.

The winners of the ceremony will be awarded a unique statue called The Future, a work of art by an established sculptor Jakov Brdar. Finalists and winners also receive a financial prize.

The contest was established in 2014 by the Slovenian pharmaceutical company Medis, which is still the main sponsor of the contest.