Since the beginning of the International Medis Awards for Medical Research, we have awarded our winners with the unique "Bodočnost" (The Future) statuettes. This means that only 65 of these statuettes have been made so far and all are the same. They were created by the well-known sculptor Jakov Brdar.

The story

At first glance, the statuette reminds us of a sphere with one part trying to break out and grow. We do not know what it will look like or how much it will grow. It could be big or infinite. Or it could remain small, but beautiful. Whatever it will look like, it will leave a mark. And that is exactly what researchers and their work seem to be.

Medical research begins within the bubble and with discoveries researchers slowly break out, creating new avenues and ensuring that the medical or pharmaceutical world continues to grow. Their breakthroughs can have a huge impact on the world and patients or make the lives of only a few people easier. This we do not know at this moment as either a small or huge idea can grow or give birth to many more new ideas, paths or inventios. All are important.

Winners of International Medis Awards 2019

The Materials

Our statuettes are made of bronze and covered with patina. When they are created, they shine brightly like our stars – the researchers. Over time, the material matures, just like the stories of medical breakthroughs. That is why it is important to honour health care professionals every year, and to shine the spotlight on them.

The Author

Jakov Brdar is one of the most famous Slovenian sculptors. He created the statuette "The Future" especially for the International Medis Awards. He is not only well-known in Slovenia, but has also made a name for himself in the region, making him perfect for our regional contest. His works can be admired all over Europe, from Ljubljana, Split and Venice to Graz and Berlin.