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Honoring the Best Medical Achievements in Central and Southeastern Europe

The International Medis Awards for Medical Research is an annual international contest for medical doctors and pharmacists who have presented or published clinical research in a specific medical field in a highly ranked scientific publication and are daily actively involved in clinical practice in institutions throughout the region.

This year we have received a record number of 207 article applications from eight countries in nine therapeutic areas

The winners were announced at the International Medis Awards 2019 Ceremony, which was this year held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Timeline for the International Medis Awards 2019

SEP 30

Winners About the Awards

  • David Drobne
    Slovenia2019 Winner for Gastroenterology

    Research is the way to improve patient care in the long term. For this reason the International Medis Awards represent recognition for our group that our attempts matter. Not only to us, who are constantly involved in everyday patient care, but also to the broader community.

  • Tanja Nikolova
    North Macedonia2019 Winner for Gynecology

    I am more than honoured to be a finalist of the International Medis Awards. I am very grateful to my international team and this nomination is a great recognition of our work and a proof that we are going in the right direction. Our investigated biomarker is already implemented in the guidelines for management of preterm labour worldwide. Medis has encouraged us to go further and optimize the treatment of our newborns and mothers. Thank you, Medis!

  • Nikola Bradić
    Croatia2019 Winner for Intensive Care Medicine and Anesteshiology

    The results of this research mean that all types of anaesthesiology approach are safe for the patients who are undergoing CABG surgeries. Regardless of the anaesthesiology approach, in all patients the early and late outcome will be good for their condition. Generally, researches like this improve the care of the patients, and connect the colleagues in sharing knowledge and experience in this field of medicine from all around the world.

  • Edin Begić
    Bosnia and Herzegovina2019 Winner for Neurology

    Scientific research must be relevant to the clinical work that we perform on everyday basis – without it, our everyday work would become a routine as it would not lead to any improvement in the clinical care which we must provide to our patients. Scientific endeavour creates a desire in a doctor to continuously improve their work. The International Medis Awards represent scientific Oscars in this part of the Europe, and acknowledge medical publications and the researchers behind them, thereby raising awareness about the value of medical-type investigations whose main aim is improvement of the human quality of life and wellbeing.

  • Zala Lužnik
    Slovenia2019 Winner for Ophtalmology

    I am delighted that our work was recognised by the International Medis Awards team. It is truly an honour. Receiving the award would help with my future research endeavours.



  • Klemen Dovč
    Slovenia2019 Winner for Pediatrics

    Long-term closed-loop use, now also commercially available, provides useful insights into diabetes management. We can, to some extent, generalize our observations from a research setting to a broader population of children with type 1 diabetes and improve our overall clinical care. I am extremely grateful to the International Medis Awards for setting a good example of how to support relevant research accomplishments and for improving recognition of researchers and research teams also in the general society. 

  • Alojzija Hočevar
    Slovenia2019 Winner for Rheumatology

    It is a great honour for me to be one of the finalists for the International Medis Awards. The recognition of the achievements of our research team represents a motivation for further work and research, with the final goal to improve the patient lives.

  • Marin Jukić
    Serbia2019 Winner for Pharmacy

    Psychiatric disorders are causing a substantial amount of suffering to the affected patients and their families. Anything we as health professionals can do to help in this regard, is a major achievement and this is my main motivation to continue the research of this topic. I am very happy that Medis shares the enthusiasm about this topic and it is a real honour for the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Pharmacy and myself to be selected for a finalist for the second consecutive year.

  • Tanja Soklič Košak
    Slovenia2019 Winner for Pulmology and Allergology

    Patients with chronic sinus inflammation are in the centre of our research, and we aim to contribute to personalized medicine especially for patients with the uncontrolled disease and impaired quality of life. The International Medis Awards will help us a lot to continue research and to achieve the patient-tailored medical and surgical treatment soon.

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