International Medis Awards 2021: The Power of Trust

Trust in medicine and pharmacy is based on research, which is why we have been encouraging, supporting and rewarding it for eight years. But the power of trust in research is most evident in the stories of people whom science has indispensably helped on the path to health and instilled hope for a better future.

At the ceremony, we listened to people who today live better life because of their trust in medical research. Each of us knows someone with a similar experience, and among them is also a renowned composer Drago IvanuĊĦa. At the ceremony, he honoured the researchers with an original composition he created especially for them.


International Medis Awards 2020: Pledge to Science

Join us on the path of great success, but also many failures, of enthusiasm, but also uncertainty, of hard work and dead ends, of teamwork, but also competitiveness. Meet our 19 finalists of the International Medis Awards 2020 in the unique Pledge to Science documentary film in which patients, outstanding doctors, healthcare professionals, inspiring individuals and media specialists from all around the globe shared their unwavering support for our finalists and science. 

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