At the last year’s international contest for outstanding achievements in medicine and pharmacy, the International Medis Awards, the international expert panel from 207 applied research works announced as the best as many as seven Slovenian authors with their colleagues. These are:

  • Assist. Prof. Alojzija Hočevar, MD, PhD;
  • David Drobne, MD, PhD;
  • Gregor Novak, MD, PhD;
  • Assist. Prof. Klemen Dovč, MD, PhD;
  • Petra Bogovič, MD, PhD;
  • Tanja Soklič Košak, MD, MSc; and
  • Zala Lužnik, MD, PhD.

Janez Poklukar, the CEO of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, has at the opening of this year’s contest said that he is proud of his colleagues, because he believes that new generations of researchers will shape not only the Slovenian, but also the international medical science.

More in the video below: