Department of Pharmaceutical Biology,
Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana

Prof. Borut Štrukelj, MSc Pharm, PhD, is a full-time professor at the Department for Pharmaceutical Biology at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Ljubljana, Slovenia, where he leads a group for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

In his career, he has published more than 180 scientific and professional articles in reputable scientific publications. In 1996, he received the prestigious EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) Postdoctoral Fellowship for his work in the field of genetically modified organisms. His newest project is developing a platform for determining unknown compounds of peptide origin that could work as a growth hormone in doping but cannot be detected using today’s methods. The achievement was also recognized and financially supported by the World Anti-Doping Agency. 

He is a co-author of several patent applications and a member of several world, European and Slovenian associations in the field of pharmacy and molecular biology. Until 2012, he also worked as an expert at the European Medicines Agency.

I urge every doctor and pharmacist working in the announced medical fields to apply to the contest with their internationally recognized and published findings. In relation to the difficult times that are economically impoverishing the opportunities for progress and research, contests such as the International Medis Awards globally encourage further research in the fields of medicine and pharmacy.