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Honoring the Best Medical Achievements in Central and Southeastern Europe

The International Medis Awards for Medical Research is an annual international contest for medical doctors and pharmacists who have presented or published clinical research in a specific medical field in a highly-ranked congress or scientific publication and are working in institutions throughout the region.

Timeline for Medis Awards 2017

SEP 15
NOV 15
NOV 30

Winners about Medis Awards

  • Assist. Prof. Alen Protić,
    MD, PhD, Croatia2016 Medis Award for Anesthesiology

    "I am very grateful to Medis for the idea of encouraging and rewarding science. I am honored that they recognized my scientific achievement and I am grateful for this beautiful award. This award encourages me and enhances further research in the same field and gives me hope that my work will be recognized all over the world."

  • Assist. Slađana Andrejević
    MD, PhD, Serbia2016 Medis Award for Allergology

    “I am very honored and grateful to have been selected for this award. Personally, I think it is wonderful, recognition that I am on the right path, that following my ideas does work. Professionally, it means that I can connect with more people, help more people and create positive change in our region. The award distinguishes Medis as a company with a real commitment to helping doctors to reach their potential.”

  • Assist. Srđan Ljubisavljević,
    MD, PhD, Serbia2016 Medis Award for Neurology

    “It's a beautiful feeling when your previous work is recognized as valuable and when it is awarded and this way also promoted. The award has a special significance because we are awarded in competition with several countries in the region. On the other hand, if you do follow the research for your authentic personal motives, then the prize will not be a crucial impact for your motivation, but may bring substantial financial support for the technical realization of an idea, some form of advanced training etc.”

  • Eva Lenassi
    MD, PhD, FEBO, Slovenia2016 Medis Award for Ophthalmology

    "I was very honoured to win the international Medis Award for Ophthalmology. This prestigious award gives me a platform to present my work to a wider audience and to raise awareness about an important group of blinding conditions that affect young people. It also allows me to highlight the tremendous progress in the field of inherited retinal disease and gives me extra motivation to continue working in a field that I feel very passionate about."

  • Assist. Prof. Gergely Toldi
    MD, PhD, Hungary2016 Medis Award for Pediatrics

    “The Medis Award is a great recognition of the efforts put into research besides patient care by clinicians. It is a motivation to go beyond, to identify novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for the sake of the patients we serve.”

  • Assist. Prof. Tanja Dujić
    MSc Pharm, PhD, Bosnia and HerzegovinaMedis Award for Pharmacy

    "Awards for scientific achievements are very important for supporting and promoting science and scientists. I am very honored to receive the Medis Award. It is a valuable recognition of hard work and dedication to research. This award at the beginning of my independent research career is a great encouragement for greater scientific achievements. It is also encouragement for my colleagues at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sarajevo and other researchers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as it shows that our work can be recognized internationally."

  • Dražena Srdić
    MD, Croatia2016 Medis Award for Pulmonology

    “I am honored to be a winner of International Medis Awards for Medical Research in the field of pulmonology in 2016. The award proves the importance of this research field in lung cancer and supportive care, and it offers the evidence for the whole research team in Department for Respiratory Medicine Jordanovac that we are on the right path in order to provide state-of-the-art treatment for lung cancer patients.“

  • Assist. Prof. Attila Szendrői
    MD, PhD, Hungary2016 Medis Award for Urology

    "This award is a positive feedback for us that shows we are on the right way, so we should carry on!"

Get the 2017 Medis Awards Abstract Book

We have compiled a book of abstracts from the research works of the winners and finalists of the 2017 Medis Awards.

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