Medical Field: Pharmacy
Award: Winner
Country: Slovenia
Year: 2020
Research Work: Impact of clinical pharmacist’s interventions on pharmacotherapy management in elderly patients on polypharmacy with mental health problems including quality of life: A prospective non-randomized study
Published in: Scientific Reports

A clinical pharmacist belongs to the medical team next to the patient's bed, as well as to the community health centre and outpatient clinics


Assist. Prof. Matej Štuhec, MPharm, PhD, a specialist of clinical pharmacy, a lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubljana and the Faculty of Medicine in Maribor, also works as a clinical pharmacist at the Psychiatric Hospital Ormož, Slovenia. He was nominated for this year's IMA for a study with which his team proved great importance of a clinical pharmacist’s interventions in nursing homes. The collaborative approach with a clinical pharmacist led to a decrease of polypharmacy and increased the quality of life in patients with mental disorders. The research work was published in the renowned scientific journal the Scientific Reports, a part of the Nature group.