Medical Field: Pharmacy
Award: Winner
Country: Serbia
Year: 2019
Research Work: Effect of CYP2D6 genotype on exposure and efficacy of risperidone and aripiprazole: a retrospective, cohort study
Published in: Lancet Psychiatry

How are thought and emotions constructed, how does the process of human decision-making take place? These are the questions which enthuse Assist. Prof. Marin Jukić, Msc Pharm, PhD, from the Faculty of Pharmacy Belgrade. This year he focused on studying schizophrenia and has proven that 10% of the schizophrenia patients do not have the necessary enzyme for metabolism of two most frequent antipsychotics, thus their treatment is inefficient and can even be dangerous.

Psychiatric disorders are causing a substantial amount of suffering to the affected patients and their families. Anything we as health professionals can do to help in this regard is a major achievement and this is my main motivation to continue the research of this topic. I am very happy that Medis shares the enthusiasm about this topic and it is a real honour for the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Pharmacy and myself to be selected for a finalist for the second consecutive year.