Medical Field: Pediatrics
Award: Finalist
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year: 2021
Research Work: The predictors of perforated appendicitis in the pediatric emergency department: A retrospective observational cohort study
Published in: American Journal of Emergency Medicine


Being nominated is a great privilege for me, both professionally and personally.


One of the finalists in pediatrics is Zlatan Zvizdic, MD, PhD. He is head of the Clinic of Paediatric Surgery at the Clinical Center University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was very honored by the nomination, as it means that his research, conducted at his institution, has been recognized by a prestigious scientific committee. In this way, the results can reach a wider audience in the scientific community.

In addition to his clinical career, Zlatan Zvizdic, MD, PhD, and his team have always conducted their research with the goal of making the results and findings useful and applicable in clinical practice. They believe that their research is not only beneficial for the pediatric patients they treat, but also for better recognition as they live in a country where research funding is limited.

In the study, Prof. Zvizdic and his team focused on distinguishing between complicated (perforated) and uncomplicated pediatric appendicitis in the pediatric emergency department by correlating baseline demographic and clinical characteristics of pediatric patients with appendicitis with simple and commonly available laboratory findings. 

The study confirmed the possibility of differentiating the types of appendicitis according to the severity of the disease, which may help in decision making and allow timely surgical treatment with less morbidity of the affected pediatric patients.

Besides his work, Prof. Zvizdic is very devoted to his family - his wife Denisa and his children Nadja and Nedim.