Medical Field: Gynecology
Award: Winner
Country: North Macedonia
Year: 2019
Research Work: Prediction of spontaneous preterm delivery in women presenting with premature labor: a comparison of placenta alpha microglobulin-1, phosphorylated insulin-like growth factor binding protein-1, and cervical length
Published in: American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

How to predict when a pregnant woman will give birth prematurely was researched by Tanja Nikolova, MD, MSc, PhD. Together with an international team of colleagues she has proven that a negative result of the PartoSure test is a reliable indicator that a pregnant woman will not give premature birth in the next seven to fourteen days. These findings will spare the patients and newborns the adverse effects of imminent premature birth therapies.

I am more than honoured to be a finalist of the International Medis Awards. I am very grateful to my international team and this nomination is a great recognition of our work and a proof that we are going in the right direction. Our investigated biomarker is already implemented in the guidelines for management of preterm labour worldwide. Medis has encouraged us to go further and optimize the treatment of our newborns and mothers. Thank you, Medis!