Medical Field: Gastroenterology
Award: Winner
Country: Austria
Year: 2022
Research Work: PUFA-Induced Metabolic Enteritis as a Fuel for Crohn’s Disease
Published in: Gastroenterology

Being recognized in the scientific community for my work is really special to me and motivates me to continue my scientific career.


Julian Schwärzler, MD, has been interested in science ever since primary school, with special interest in physics and biology. Together with his love for social interaction and joy of working with people, a career in medicine was the perfect choice. 
His interest in the biology of the gastrointestinal tract deepened during his studies, and he became mesmerized by the intricate interactions between our hosts, immune cells, environment, and gut flora.

Therefore, his research focuses mainly on this field to improve the understanding of inflammatory bowel diseases, its causes and pathophysiology. His work in the submitted research study provides insights how a non-toxic dietary element contributes to intestinal inflammation in a genetically susceptible individual. This concept offers a theory for dietary intervention therapy in Crohn's disease – a concept that is urgently required to enhance patient treatment options.

Doing this kind of research enables Julian Schwärzler, MD, to better understand and see diseases in a broader context. 

And I think doctors have really two major responsibilities. The one thing is that we must treat all patients with the best possible treatment options. But the other thing is that doctors have the responsibility to improve therapeutic possibilities and have to, in my opinion, contribute to the development of novel treatment options. I believe that providing new insights into the pathophysiology of diseases and providing innovative treatment options are key to the progression of medicine.

Despite his hardworking mindset and dedication to his field, Schwärzler still manages to find time for his family and friends and enjoying time outdoors.