Medical Field: Pulmonology and Allergology
Award: Winner
Country: Austria
Year: 2022
Research Work: Clinical relevance of lung transplantation for COVID-19 ARDS: a nationwide study
Published in: European Respiratory Journal

I believe that scientific work makes your mindset and routine work more colorful and exciting, which is what keeps me motivated to do additional research that benefits patients every day.


Christian Lang, MD, is a clinical resident at the Department of Medicine II, Division of Pulmonology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria. He is also pursuing his MD-PhD at the Translational Thoracic Oncology Laboratory, Department of Thoracic Surgery at the Medical University of Vienna.

His love for medicine started already in his teenage years, since it was a combination of biology, unpredictability and adrenaline that Christian Lang, MD, desired from his profession. But it was not until he spent a weekend in the countryside with a family physician that he truly fell in love with medicine. 

Lang has been involved in research since his student years. He believes that getting involved in a research topic really provides you with an opportunity to get fully immersed in a specific subject and helps you to fully understand some aspects of a disease or treatment.

His mind is frequently thinking about work, what he could do differently or what his next step could be. Lang's dedication is well-evidenced in his submitted research involving COVID-19 patients. His work involved the utilization of lung transplantation as a rescue therapy option in carefully selected patients with life-threatening acute lung injury (called ARDS). 

Based on the excellent cooperation between numerous national intensive care units and transplant centers we could see that lung transplantation truly represents a challenging but suitable life-saving rescue therapy option in carefully selected patients. Ultimately, lives of dozens could be saved during the pandemic. We comprehensively summarized our nationwide experience in a single manuscript to provide transparent and helpful information for other countries and centers when to consider and how to utilize lung transplantation for seriously ill COVID-19 patients.

Lang's drive for medical research is outstanding, and he is always motivated by the explosion of new questions and ideas that arise from his results or others publications. To relax, he enjoys sports and spending time in nature, playing and listening to music or simply hanging out with his family and friends.