Medical Field: Gastroenterology
Award: Finalist
Country: Austria
Year: 2020
Research Work: HDL-related biomarkers are robust predictors of survival in patients with chronic liver failure
Published in: Journal of Hepatology


COVID-19 has reduced resources for other studies


Prof. Rudolf E. Stauber, MD, PhD, of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Internal Medicine of the Medical University of Graz, Austria, feels very honoured to be this year’s finalist as this means that his work gets international attention beyond the publication in the Journal of Hepatology.

Research alongside the clinical work is very important to Prof. Stauber as it improves the understanding of disease mechanisms and keeps him up-to-date on diagnostic measures and therapeutic interventions in order to benefit his patients. The conditions for research in his country are overall satisfactory. His interest in research began in 1988 when he started an experimental study in portal hypertension during his research fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Clinical research in Austria is well-supported by the pharmaceutical industry and efficient research management at medical universities. However, the Austrian Science Fund has a rather low rate of acceptance for clinical research proposals. At present, COVID-19 has a negative impact on clinical research since the capacity for some studies has been reduced due to lack of resources.

Although devoted to his work, Prof. Stauber tries to enjoy as much of free time as possible; he likes to spend it hiking, running, working out in the gym, and in summer, he likes to sail.